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Using a hot pan on granite counters is not recommended

Granite is a popular natural stone for kitchen countertops because of its strength, sophistication, and visual appeal. An igneous rock, granite is formed by cooling and crystallizing hot lava. It may be pink or gray in color. According to, granite is an igneous rock. Considering the stone’s fiery beginnings, it’s reasonable to question whether it can resist high temperatures. Are hot pans safe on granite counters, or are they just asking for trouble?

Granite slabs are chopped into thin sheets before being polished and turned into countertops after being mined at stone quarries, according to The Spruce. Because it comes from a natural source, the price tag on natural stone tends to be greater than that of man-made stone. Of course, the product’s longevity is an important consideration.

According to Rock Solid Custom Granite, granite has a melting point of around 2300° Fahrenheit, enabling it to withstand heat. Granite’s ability to withstand high temperatures makes it an attractive option for kitchens, but does it mean it is heatproof?

There is a distinction between being heat resistant and being heatproof. While some claim that granite is completely heat-resistant, others recommend adopting certain precautionary measures. When heated goods are placed on granite, the most common problems are chipping and cracking. MSI Surfaces says this is unlikely to happen due to the stone’s heat and wear resistance and the fact that it has been sealed and maintained appropriately. However, this does not rule out the possibility of discoloration if cookware is placed directly on the granite.

Discoloration occurs over time because granite, being a porous stone, absorbs heat. As it turns out, this discoloration is likely occuring on the sealant layer rather than on the granite itself. Arch City Granite & Marble Inc explains. Using trivets beneath hot pots and pans can help you from scratching your granite surface, even if you were to wash and reseal it afterwards.

Putting a hot pot on a granite countertop isn’t going to harm it, but it’s better not to do it every day.


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