How not to be a leader

Cease being seen in denims & tees, go for desi gear with vests; unique headgear will take issues to the following stage

Cease being seen in denims & tees, go for desi gear with vests; unique headgear will take issues to the following stage

A few of these younger males (and by that I imply males of their 50s like me) who’re aspiring to be leaders, actually need to have the ability to learn the room. And by room, I imply our whole political nation. They must know by now that they’ll’t simply go to a celebration or marriage ceremony and be caught on digital camera with unsanskari Nehruvian celebration occurring within the background.

That’s not how nice leaders do it. Nice leaders prep for his or her position.

Effectively, for no matter it’s price, right here’s a prepared reckoner whereas working in our historic tradition.

Firstly, they need to cease being seen in denims/tees. That’s not how leaders costume. That’s the gear worn by the offspring of our leaders at the moment learning within the US and UK. Impeccably tailor-made desi gear with vests in a wide range of colors (besides inexperienced!) is what lends gravitas to the aspiring chief. Unique headgear – starting from the conflict bonnet of Chief Sitting Bull to a Viking helmet and every little thing in between – takes issues to the following stage.

The significance of private grooming can’t be careworn sufficient. What’s with the scruffy stubbles a few of these males are sporting? Develop them out into full-fledged beards, for Bhishma’s sake! A well-groomed beard, always various in size and form, relying on whether or not one hopes to invoke Periyar or Otto the Nice, is a Nice Chief must-have. Glowing pores and skin is a prerequisite, too. Thanga bhasmam twice a day helps, I hear.

Coming to equipment, Indian gear paired with high-end imported equipment is the development.

Earlier than I overlook, maintain a bow and a quiver filled with arrows on name, younger sirs. Didn’t you see how Ram Charan’s inventory went via the roof after he was seen with a bow and arrow? It’s all about subliminal messaging.

Moreover, please cease predicting what’s going to occur to our nation within the close to future on account of the pandemic, our borders, financial system and suchlike. Once you get that proper, it makes us look dangerous to folks like Rihanna, WHO and TIME journal. Go away that sort of factor to the god males. Stick with predictions in regards to the distant future. Like how we could have pushpaka vimanams coming and choosing up driverless vehicles once they breakdown on the superhighways of UP in 2036. It’s referred to as imaginative and prescient.

An ideal gait makes for nice entrances and exits. Younger leaders must develop a correct, deliberate statesmanlike gait if they’re to be worshipped by this nation. They should know when to pause dramatically, when to show round, when to cease halfway on a gangway. Observe different nice leaders and study, bhaiyon.

Additionally, it’s necessary the place one is seen. Should you should have a good time, don’t go to the weddings of outdated associates in obscure lands, for god’s sake. Search Bollywood. Attempt to wangle an invitation to any of Kanganaji’s events. She’s apparently having a Hindi Bulldozer Diwas and an ashwamedha yaga for her picket horse. Sneak in. Be seen at karva chauths, grihapraveshams and manjal neerattu vizhas. No disco lights within the background. Except there’s a holy river within the foreground.

Be extra musical, doston. Nifty stick work on dhols, bodhráns, breketes and guatacas is what the general public desires. The headgear, the bow and arrow, and the pulsating rhythm of drums – that’s the unbeatable troika.

And eventually, by no means be caught unawares. Faux associates with digital camera telephones could make the harmless look culpable. Strut in with your personal digital camera crew wherever you go. Publish, submit and tweet your outings earlier than anybody else does. That’s our time-honoured means.

Krishna Shastri Devulapalli is a satirist. He has written 4 books and edited an anthology

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