Gray Hair Mistakes You’re Making

There is a feeling of comfort that comes with deciding to go gray. Forget about costly appointments to the salon, root touch-ups, and bleached, brittle hair; you can finally say goodbye to color experimentation. Gray hair, on the other hand, has its own peculiarities. There are certain differences between natural and dyed hair. Natural hair tends to be drier, thinner, and less manageable than dyed hair. Fortunately, if you know what to do, you can avoid these pitfalls. While it comes to hair care, hairstylists have shared their top five errors to avoid when dealing with gray hair, as well as the best ways to transform your locks from dull to dazzling.

You’re letting the length of time between trims get out of hand.

There are times when going to the hairdresser is simply another item on a long list of things to accomplish. However, if you have gray hair, you must use this product. Cindy Marcus, a Las Vegas hairdresser and editor-in-chief of Latest Hairstyles, advises that the maximum amount of time between haircuts should be eight to ten weeks. In order to maintain the ends of your hair appearing healthy, you should have your hair cut on a regular basis. Split ends may cause your hair to break or seem dry and frizzy if you don’t get regular cuts.

You wash your clothes much too often.

Every day of the week, you may want to think twice before sudsing your gray hair. According to Lauren Udoh, hair creative director of Wig Reports, “the most frequent hair care error that may damage gray hair is over-washing it.” Because it may remove the scalp’s natural oils, which are crucial for healthy hair, this is a negative thing. When it comes to cleaning your hair, Udoh recommends washing it twice or three times a week using a soft shampoo (more on that in a sec). In order to keep your hair moisturized between washes, apply a leave-in conditioner or oil, she suggests.

It seems like you’re using a shampoo that’s coloured blue.

In addition, the kind of shampoo you use has an impact. Choosing a blue shampoo versus a purple or violet-toned one is the most common error individuals with gray hair make, according to our panel of experts. Grey or white hair is very porous and will absorb the blue tones in a blue-toned shampoo, Marcus explains. You may preserve your hair white and beautiful by using a purple shampoo to prevent it from becoming yellow.

Choose a conditioner that suits your hair’s texture once you’ve picked out a purple or violet shampoo. Marcus recommends a volumizing conditioner for fine hair and a moisturizing conditioner for coarse, frizzy hair, for example.

A detox shampoo is something you never use.

Detox shampoos clean deeper than ordinary shampoos, removing oil buildup, grime, and sticky product residue. Gwyneth Paltrow and Marie Osmond’s famous hairdresser, Cody Renegar, says utilizing one once or twice a week is essential for gray hair. Filling in the gaps in your hair, making it less wiry, and making it more manageable are all benefits of using a product from Aveda’s Brilliant Hair Care Line. Let the shampoo stay for five minutes before rinsing. After that, wash your hair as normal and condition it. Renegar suggests adding a little amount of baking soda to your usual shampoo to make a DIY detox.


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