The simplest way to make mediocre pizza taste better

Taste cannot be calculated in this life, which explains why too much pizza is horrible. If the cheese isn’t entirely melted, or the sauce is confusingly sweet, or if it’s plain horrible, you have to eat it because pizza is pizza and you’re hungry. When presented with a piece of really poor pizza pie, my first reaction is to douse it with red pepper flakes and make a silent prayer for the health of my teeth and lips. If you’re buying pizza from a place you haven’t properly checked, get it well-done, as I discovered early on in our relationship.

Fast-food horrors range from disgusting taco toppings to foul smells so horrible they force workers to go on strike. They are a staple of American culture, horrifying to see firsthand but hilarious to read about.

To put it mildly, American fast-food businesses have been known to cut costs on meat (while seemingly being irresponsible with calories) and this has resulted in a number of dubious eating experiences.

Reddit, therefore, is the best place to find out the full extent of the evil. If you’ve ever heard ghost tales told around the campfire, this new Reddit post about horrific first-person experiences from former workers could make you think twice about ever purchasing another tuna sandwich or cup of chili there again.

The job at hand is a piece of cake. Request a well-done piece or pie when placing your purchase. To get the most out of a pizzeria, ask if they can cook it a little longer than typical, and if they don’t, they will appreciate you for teaching them about this idea.

When should this hack be used? If the pizza in the store window seems a touch undercooked in the middle or has a thin crust, or if you haven’t tried the place yet and are concerned that it could be terrible, use this method (always keep your expectations low when it comes to pizza). A crispy crust may not improve the flavor of the rest of the pizza, but at least you’ll have something to chew on! One out of three isn’t too shabby, after all. As a result, your pizza is more likely to be appetizing rather than distasteful. Well-doned pizza was a little but meaningful improvement in my life when I learnt of its existence. Sam, many thanks for your kind words.

You don’t have to worry about looking like a monster or a past president if you ask for your pizza to be baked to your liking. If you order Domino’s, you’ll see it as an option on the menu, so it’s not simply a secret demand of those who know. Popularity of well-done pizza It’s for those who like a crisp crust than a mushy one. When it comes to pizza, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so it’s wise to be prepared for the inevitable disappointment. Anyone who isn’t afraid of challenging the existing quo is welcome here. If you have a strong tolerance for heat, a splatter of red pepper flakes isn’t a terrible idea. To get the best results, ask for your pie to be baked to a crisp, golden brown. One caveat: I’m not responsible if they burn it.


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