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Thank you for your interest in Newsletter Clips! I’ve created a list of frequently asked questions, and I will add to this list as I receive new questions from customers.

Q:  Is NewsletterClips.com really for me?

A:   Before purchasing the trial membership, please browse our sidebar for the topics that we offer.  We offer a wide range of topics, but if it’s not for you, that’s perfectly okay. You can cancel at anytime.  (The initial trial period is for 24 hours.)  

Q: After joining, how do I get my new content?

A: After completing your purchase for your membership, you have full access to all the articles on this site once you login. You may use the sidebar features to search categories or keyword topics.

Important: When searching for articles, please click on the article title to make sure that your are viewing the entire article. (Remember you must be logged in to view the entire article.)  You can also view the most recently added content here: [Recent Content]

*Remember, Newsletter Clips was built with the purpose of hosting the articles for you. This allows you to login and search for articles at your own convenience when you’re actually ready to use them. This also eliminates getting overwhelmed with downloading a hundred articles at a time and then forgetting where they’re at on your computer.

There’s several ways to grab your content of choice:

1. Simply copy the article and then paste the article into your blog editing area. Or, paste the article into your notepad (which will assure that all coding is stripped away that may interfere with pasting in the content); save the text file into a folder for later use if you wish.

2. At the top of each article there is a utility tool that will allow you to send a copy of the article in PDF format to your email address (or the address of your virtual assistant).  This is also useful if you want to save several articles to use later.  You can simply open the PDF and copy your article at your own convenience.  [Tip:  Create an email folder and move all your articles to that folder for easy retrieval.]

3. At the end of each article, there is another utility tool that will allow you to download the article as: Text, Html, Word Document, PDF, or XML.  This makes it very handy to download the entire copy of the article directly into a folder on your computer.  Or, print the article to save a hard copy, if that is your preference.


Q. How often is new content added?

A. It’s my goal to add new content on a weekly basis — around 10  new articles weekly,(40-50 monthly).  When you join,

On the sidebar, subscribe to the email alert system that currently goes out on Tuesday mornings (Note: The day of the alert may change).

**If you wish NOT to receive these alerts, you may unsubscribe at any time using the “unsubscribe“  link at the bottom of the email.**


Q. What if I need more content on a certain topic?

A.  Please ask! You may suggest topics by using our support page here:  [Support]

Although we do not “guarantee” that we will offer that topic, we will certainly take serious consideration with all suggestions and do our effort to provide the best service possible.


Q. What if I forget my password?

A. Use the login utility on the right sidebar; click “forgot password” and then enter your username (or the email address that you used to join with); you’ll then be sent information for your new password.  If you still have trouble, please contact our support desk: [Support]

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