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Terms of Service:

All content here is for personal use for your business only. You do NOT have privileges to duplicate our site, nor resell our content, nor share your account with others.  Our content may NOT be used on gambling and adult websites.

Flexible Articles & Content:

Unlike article directories, you DO have permission to rewrite our articles and content in order to customize it for your niche, keyword optimize it or lengthen/shorten it to easily fit into your newsletter or ezine.   In fact, we encourage you to make the articles unique since much of the content will be used on other sites.  Start by renaming the title and introducing the first paragraph in your own voice…warming up your readers and letting them feel your own personality.  Make a few other changes as you see fit.

Poems & Quotes:

Poems & quotes by named authors and speakers cannot be changed for obvious reasons.  Don’t attempt it!


Our main focus is on offering newsletter “content“; we will no longer be offering graphics with each new article.  However, you are free to use the graphics that have been included thus far.  All we ask is that you right click to “save image as” to your own computer.  We hope to occasionally offer some graphics for download.  You may not redistribute these graphics or resell them.